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Tony and Kyle General Videos Midwest 10/24/09
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The Green Bean Story 1 General Videos Northwest 6/7/09
The Green Bean Story 2 General Videos Northwest 6/07/09
The Power of With Conference: Marilyn Stranske Plenary General Videos N/A 3/23/09
The Power of With Conference: Doug Pagitt Plenary General Videos N/A 3/18/09
The Green Bean General Videos Northwest 2/9/09
Community Candy Walk Community Organizing Northwest 11/16/08
Do You Really Love Your Neighbor? (Web Link) General Videos West 9/5/08
This Is George General Videos Midwest 8/28/08
Socorro Texas: Developing Christian Community Community Organizing South 5/5/08
In, For, and WITH the Community General Videos Northwest 2/5/08
Healthy Neighborhood Project Community Organizing Midwest 12/3/07
Inviting Neighborhood Participation Developing a Community Vision Midwest 11/9/07
Sacred Suds: Moving from Betterment to Development Betterment to Development Midwest 10/11/07
How Do You Teach Kids Responsibility? Tools Midwest 9/25/07
How Do You Teach Kids to Save? Tools Midwest 9/25/07
How Do You Teach Kids to Take Care of Their Neighborhoods? Tools Midwest 9/25/07
Youth Employment Service (Y.E.S.) Community Betterment Midwest 8/28/07
Fathers General Videos Midwest 5/9/07
Terri General Videos Midwest 4/4/07
What If? General Videos N/A 4/4/07
Christmas Store Betterment to Development Midwest 4/4/07
Calvin Church Developing a Community Vision Midwest 4/4/07
Effective Aid General Videos N/A 4/4/07
Developing God’s Eyes and Heart for the Community Building Readiness N/A 4/4/07
ALL Things Justice N/A 4/4/07
Good Neighborhoods Justice N/A 4/4/07
Deciding to Move General Videos Northwest 4/4/07
The Whatcom Dream General Videos Northwest 4/4/07
Creating Hope for Chattanooga General Videos Southeast 4/4/07
Salvation General Videos Southeast 4/4/07
A Partnership Case Study General Videos West 4/4/07