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Asset-Based Community Development

ABCD & Asset Mapping Workshop (En Espanol) (ppt)
An Intro to ABCD for Church Leaders (pdf)

Community Transformation – General

Church Initiated Neighborhood Transformation (ppt)
Community Health Evangelism (CHE) Training Curriculum Manual (pdf)
Community Score Card (ppt)
Community Score Card Information (pdf)
Developing Leaders for Community Transformation (pdf)
Metas Personales (ppt)
NE Community Transformation Communities First Presentation (ppt)
Orientacion Para Nuevos Estudiantes (ppt)
Vision 2020 Community Score Card (pdf)

Building Readiness: Through God

Assessment of Ministry Capacity (pdf)
Church Resources Survey  (pdf)
Community Listening and Networking Survey (pdf)
Community Stakeholder Interviews (Key Questions) (pdf)
Community Study Guide (Link/pdf)
Community Walking Exercise (pdf)
Congregational Listening: Potential Interview Questions (pdf)
Creating Space for Community Listening (ppt)
ECN: An Initial Framework (pdf)
ECN: Screening Criteria for Entry into ‘Building Readiness’ (pdf)
How is Your Church Engaging the Community? (pdf)
Mapping Your City (pdf)
Ministry Inventory Guide (Link/pdf)  
“Neighbor” Conversations (Key Questions) (pdf)
Personal Preparation for Ministry Action (pdf)
Recognizing Congregational Assets (Key Questions) (pdf)
Services Offered by the Church (pdf)
Urban Survey Information (pdf)

Meeting Needs: From Individual Betterment to Individual Development

Beyond Charity (pdf)
How Do You Teach Kids Responsibility? (Video)
How Do You Teach Kids to Save? (Video)

Developing a Community Vision

Inviting Neighbor Participation (Video)
Neighborhood 5 Question Survey Template (pdf)

Community Betterment

How Do You Teach Kids to Care About Their Neighborhoods? (Video)

Community Organizing

From the Ground Up (pdf)

ABCD INSTITUTE   – A library with over 2 dozen downloadable and reproducible publications and ABCD materials


Communities First Book/Workbooks (Link)
Or call 1-800-333-8300 and ask for the Communities First materials.

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