Relationship Matters

Jim Schepers - The Other Way Ministries 

Three community members move from volunteer status to employed volunteer status.

These are difficult days in our West side of Grand Rapids community.  Housing values have cratered.  Long-term neighborhood businesses are closing.  Unemployment has soared, particularly for our community members of color.  And so, it is particularly delightful when hard work and opportunity come together for those who care enough about their neighborhood to stay involved in the work of community development.

We had just such an experience this past month, when three of our regular community volunteers were able to take advantage of an employment opportunity and move from simple volunteer status to employed volunteer status.  The path to this new status was through relationships developed through their community volunteering. This past month, they collectively took over the landscaping duties for the several properties owned and operated by The Other Way Ministries.

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Church Resources Survey

This tool is a survey used to find out what member gifts are present in your church, and what time people are free to volunteer.

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