The Church of the City is Open to Learning About ABCD

Jim Moynihan – One Church

Pictured from left to right are Juan, from the City of Hamptonʼs Social Services

Department, Pastor Steve Edwards who started Street Church in the Harbor Square Apartments in downtown Hampton, Pastor Charles Cheek, Chairman of the Board of H.E.L.P., Hampton Roads Ecumenical Lodgings and Provisions – a ministry to the homeless, and Pastor Jim Moynihan, founder of One Church.

The Street Church outreach to the Harbor Square apartments has been well received by many of the churches in the downtown area. The pastors of these churches are meeting monthly for fellowship and to plan their collaborative ministry efforts. The ABCD model was shared with them over the summer and was well received.

The picture to the right shows two local ministries providing free haircuts and clothing during one of the Sunday evening Street Church services. We are getting to know one another as well as the residents of the apartment complex.

The four men above along with Pastor Larry Gibson from Hamptonʼs First Baptist Church conducted surveys in the apartment complex over a two-week period in late August following a Vacation Bible School provided by the ministers group in July. We are coordinating follow up convening meetings with the residents over the next few weeks.

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Street Church is Building Relationships in Downtown Hampton, Virginia

Jim Moynihan – One Church – VA

In an effort to introduce ABCD principles and to conduct listening and convening events is downtown Hampton, Virginia we are conducting a weekly Street Church ministry on Sunday evenings. The residents and staff of this very needy community have received us well. We are building relationships of trust as we seek to transition this ministry to being a with effort.

Steve Edwards and I have continued to build relationships with several churches and ministries serving the Downtown community of Hampton, Virginia as well as with the residents of the Harbor Square apartments and their surrounding neighborhood.

The to/for ministry we have begun, in the hopes of introducing ABCD, is a Street Church ministry conducted on the property of the Harbor Square Apartment facility. This is a low income area that has many difficult issues they deal with continuously, including high crime and poverty.

The seven surrounding Christian churches, which are all within walking distance of the apartments, have been either unwilling or unable to build relationships with this community. Through the Street Church ministry two of these churches, along with several churches from outside of this community, have started to make connections with the management and the residents living there.

Steve and I are attending local ministerial gatherings to get acquainted with area ministers and to introduce the concept of ABCD. We are sharing the principles of ABCD in person, on a local radio program hosted by someone from the community, and through “What is ABCD?” group meetings.

Those who are partnering with us to make Street Church happen are concerned that the progress weʼve made to date will fizzle when the weather changes at the end of the summer. We are encouraging them to learn how to apply ABCD principles as we conduct Street Church. We are also working with them to plan listening and convening events with the stakeholders and residents
of the Harbor Square neighborhood.

Steve and Denise Edwards Denise serves lunches 3 days each week to the hungry of downtown Hampton.

Community SHINE Event

Churches are beginning to experience the benefit of working together to reach out to their communities. This was a community Fall Festival in York County, Virginia.

As a part of this outreach the leadership conducted a survey of those attending to hear their wishes for their community. This will be followed up with meetings of the community to plan community development efforts. Since a local church and Christians in the community are leading this effort the community will be well served and drawn to the church.

As our ministry continues to interact with churches in various communities the need for workers to coordinate these efforts within each community grows. We will also need to develop our web site’s capacity to handle and manage the information generated from these efforts as well the workers to manage the site and develop its capability.

These are urgent needs since as our ministry grows the demand for quality resources and personal management becomes critical. Your support will enable us to be effective and efficient managers of these resources


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