CFA Cleveland Meeting: Strategic Planning

Andy Batten – Lighthouse INC

(Originally published in the CFA Summer 2011 Newsletter)

CFA Member, Andy Batten, with Heaven Train, Inc., hosted the Strategic Planning meeting held May 9-11, 2011 in Cleveland, OH. Seventeen member and staff participants gathered as member, Terri Larson facilitated Association strategic planning that included a historical overview of CFA, discussion of one year dreams such as plans for a should are team and member defined CFA standards, and the creation of three work groups. A site visit to Heaven Train, Inc. gave the group an opportunity to see local neighborhood transformation in practice.

Other presenters included Eric Geary (LLF Lexington, KY), Andy Batten (CFA member), Jonathan Reitz (Coachnet), Melinda Holsopple (Full Measure Fundraising), and Jay Van Groningen (CFA Executive Director).

Evaluation of the strategic plan and group updates will take place at CFA’s upcoming conference in Chicago, IL on October 23-26, 2011. This conference will be held in conjunction with the Leadership Foundation Institute.


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