From the Executive Director: Together, We Can…

Jay Van Groningen – Executive Director – CFA

Jay Van Groningen

(Originally published in the CFA Summer 2011 Newsletter)

God is teaching me a lot about collaboration these days.

In my neighborhood, which covers less than one square mile, there are more than nine congregations that meet weekly for worship. Our congregation is a dwindling remnant group of long-term members supplemented with a commuter group. At a time when we are really resource challenged, we have honestly asked if we are needed in the neighborhood. There is a resounding yes – even from the other churches, if and as long as, we will collaborate with them in demonstrating God’s active reign in this community.

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Dancing With a Giant

Wendy McCaig – Embrace Richmond

Check out Wendy McCraig’s blog post about how to get social services agencies, the police department, the churches, non-profit agencies, and the educational institutions all working together, not around a “cause” but instead focused on a particular “community?”

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