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Communities First Association (CFA) invites you on a 12 week journey through Operation Restoration: Living God’s Agenda in Your Community by Eric R. Smith

These sessions explore who God is and the world as He created it to be, the fall and Jesus’s mission.Topics like “The Great Commission and Abundant Living”,”Facilitating the In-Breaking Kingdom of God” and  ”A Model Community Before The Nations” invite participants into the transformative work of God.

About The Author

Eric R. Smith currently serves in the Miami Valley of Ohio with Think Tank, Inc., promoting the practices and principles of Asset Based Community Development. He works with Ft. McKinley campus of Ginghamsberg Church in west Dayton to develop a meaningful approach to building relationships with, and connect residents to each other, in the surrounding urban neighborhood. Eric is also serving as an Organizer with the Promise Neighborhood initiative in Springfield.

Communities First Book and Workbooks A book accompanied by a series of 6 workbooks that will challenge you and your church to discover what the Bible says about the church’s responsibility to those who are poor and hungry. This series will help your church engage with your community and influence it in ways that will make life better for everyone here and now.   

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