Terri Larson

Kingdom Causes is a movement of people in Southern California committed to building a better community for everyone.

We believe that God is already at work in our cities. Believing this causes us to take the posture of a learner when we rally around a citywide vision. We are looking for the multiple ways that the Lord’s work is happening around us so we can engage. The call is to invite, encourage, challenge and even lead people to venture out and join Him in His redemptive and restorative plans (Ps. 127:1). Kingdom Causes exists to help mobilize the “Church of the City” toward seeing “God’s Kingdom Come” locally!

Rather than implementing some pre-determined steps and/or programs for holistic community transformation, our desire to be a catalyst that INSPIRES, CONNECTS and MOBILIZES people has us asking 6 key questions in all of our cities:

  1. How are people praying?
  2. How are the stories of Hope and Transformation being told?
  3. How is the Church of the City networked and pursuing Unity?
  4. Where is the city having conversations to address key community concerns & is the Church involved?
  5. What local causes (Kingdom Causes) need to be rallied around?
  6. How are neighbors working together to develop their community?

These 6 questions guide all of our activities. All of our city-specific activity crystallizes as we begin to discover the present realities around these questions. The catalytic role of the Kingdom Causes staff (with the support of their respective city boards) is to facilitate community movement in a direction of positive change by utilizing various community organizing tools, leveraging of defined organizational partnerships, implementation of best-practices and mobilizing of the various relationships across the city.

Our daily pursuit of the answers to these key questions results in categorization and measurable activities that are specific to the local city context. As these focuses become clear we determine what resources (time, talent, touch & treasure) can and need to be leveraged in order to advance things forward in a positive direction toward transformation. Our belief is that these things will ultimately lead to both transformed people and transformed communities – Shalom further realized!

May the Church be seeking “Thy Kingdom come to (their city), as it is in heaven!”

Name Terri Larson
Organization City Net
Phone (562) 961-1902
Cell (909) 539-3753
Address 2107 Cherry Ave.
Signal Hill, CA 90755
Website www.citynet.org



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