Phil Hissom

Polis Institute was born out of a seminary research project that revealed 100 distressed neighborhoods in Greater Orlando and the best modality to address this distress – Asset-based Community Development (ABCD). Acting on the research findings matched well with what God was leading me towards so I founded the institute in 2009. I have been blessed ever since by the participation and leadership of many others without whom nothing would have happened or mattered. Together we aim to improve well-being in the city by properly engaging the talents of the poor. We participate directly in ABCD, coach others to do the same, and measure our collective efforts to improve well-being. Through our good and trustworthy God, we hope to see our cities become more and more like the promised and forthcoming heavenly one and we ask Him to allow us to participate in dignified and effective ways.

Name Phil Hissom
Organization Polis Institute
Address P.O. Box 560531,
Orlando, FL  32856