Clark Blakeman

In 2009 I was called to transition from Community Relations Pastor at Imago Dei Community Church, in Portland and found an organization that equips churches to be connected in their neighborhoods. Second Stories is that organization. We seek to acknowledge the potential for a better story in every neighborhood. We believe that the way towards second stories is found through building relationships. When people of faith work together with people of goodwill, in community care, great benefit toward the common good is realized. That’s why we train churches to collaborate with social service organizations, schools, neighborhood associations, individuals and other churches.

Our mission is to transform neighborhoods by equipping churches to practice the whole gospel in community partnerships.

Our work then really is about training churches. Our training takes on three forms; Training Events, Coaching & Resourcing, and Learning Experiences.

Training Events – Through our training process, church and lay leaders gain a theological foundation that informs the practice of community building. They are enabled to seek out and develop partnerships with others, finding common ground in the enrichment and transformation of impoverished neighborhoods as they proclaim the whole gospel to the whole person to the whole neighborhood.

Coaching & Resourcing – We look at programs and strategies of churches desiring to care for their neighborhoods. We offer guidance, networking, and volunteers as support for their efforts. Through leadership development efforts, catalytic and collaborative events, and capacity building coaching, churches serve through community partnerships.

Learning Experiences – Our third area of training is experience based. In SE Portland, Second Stories facilitates events for groups of all shapes and sizes to get hands-on experience of community development activities and exposure to our theological training. We host these groups, putting them to work with our partners as a model for our participants to take home with them. The goal is to have our visitors adopt our model and implement it in their own contexts.

This is what I do in NW Oregon and SW Washington.

Name Clark Blakeman
Organizations Second Stories
Phone 503-516-5881
Address 7916 SE Foster Rd.
Portland, OR  97206
Mail Second Stories
P.O. Box 66884
Portland, OR 97290



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