Bill Raymond

I’m Bill Raymond and I live and work in Holland, MI.  My current position is Executive Director of Ottawa County Michigan Works & Community Action Agency, which deals with a broad range of workforce/economic development and poverty reduction issues.  A third part of the organization is the Ottawa County Housing Commission, so there is some interesting synergy among the various aspects.

My particular interest in CFA really grows out of my social work background, especially as I am particularly interested in the systems and community based aspects of social work.  I see CFA partners having key roles in connecting with their communities and building capacity with people, neighborhoods and organizations in those communities.  This transformational approach appeals to the community based social worker in me and being part of the CFA board is a great way to continue to delve into what it means to engage in true community transformation. God works through people and CFA partners can truly engage systems through the indigenous leadership that is in all communities.

What I think I bring to the CFA board includes what I just mentioned above – a systems perspective and a passion for community transformation.  I also feel that I bring a strong leadership perspective and a bias for action.  My style is one of collaboration, entrepreneurship and helping others – individuals and organizations succeed.  Far too many organizations are over managed and under led – both are needed, but leadership is key and I’d like to help CFA continue to unleash the leadership that is already in our communities.



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