Andy Batten

I am a kid that grew up seeing the big gap between what Kids growing up in Cleveland’s central projects had (opportunities and resources) and what the folks in my suburban community had. Seeing young people grow up with so many factors working against them was something that I could not forget. I came home to work for the organization that my father had started, but was in crisis due to his health issues. It was at that point I realized that all the friends and family from the community that started our ministry had moved away or had passed.

We have moved from an organization in crisis toward being a growing, thriving organization that is uniquely positioned to help build transformation with our community. The goal is to see young people living happy productive lives and having the chance to pursue their dreams. We have come a long way these past three years, but the future is sure to bring new challenges and new adventures, as we try to do what many think is impossible.

It is exciting to see the first steps of the ABCD approach being launched in our community. Many folks think this whole idea is whack, and way off base. They just can not imagine a world where my neighbors can lead transformation without the help of an expert to show them the way. Lighthouse Inc is so very eager to see potential and latent energy set loose in Cleveland’s central community.

Name Andy Batten
Organization Lighthouse Inc.
Phone 216-236-HOPE
Cell 440-221-7716
Address 1360 East 9th Street #200
Cleveland, OH  44114



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