CFA Partners

Leadership Foundations

Leadership Foundations unites local leadership foundations with a common approach and standards to city transformation, which is then adapted to the local context and needs of the marginalized in those cities.  Our method of developing, strengthening, and sustaining local leadership foundations takes place by  facilitating readiness, relationships, and resources.

Collaborative for Neighborhood Transformation

Neighborhood Transformation (NT) trains church lay-people how to enter a nearby poor neighborhood, develop relationships, identify assets already found in the neighborhood in individuals and groups. Then, by working with the local people, this information is used to improve the living conditions.

Community enCompass

Community enCompass is a Christian Community Development Organization for McLaughlin Neighborhood, Downtown Muskegon. Our mission is to empower people and build community in McLaughlin Neighborhood area by sharing God’s love, as we walk alongside neighbors, seeking justice and a better quality of life for all through long-term, sustainable changes.

Christian Reformed World Relief Committee

The Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (CRWRC) is the relief and development arm of the Christian Reformed Church. CRWRC reaches out in God’s name to people, both in North America and around the world, who are struggling with poverty, hunger, disaster, and injustice to help them find lasting ways to improve their lives.

Embrace Richmond

Embrace Richmond is a faith-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization seeking to address issues from a Christian perspective. Our vision is to embrace all; bridging people of every race, class and religious background together to care for one another. Our mission is to strengthen under-resourced communities by empowering community-based leaders and engaging people of faith in works of service.


The Faith and Service Technical Education Network (FASTEN) offers informational resources and networking opportunities to faith-based practitioners, private philanthropies, and public administrators who seek to collaborate effectively to renew urban communities. An initiative of Pew Charitable Trusts, FASTEN actively identifies best practices in faith-based services and multi-sector collaboration, and produces and disseminates educational materials for practitioners.

Faith and Community Development Institute

The Faith and Community Development Institute exists to provide quality training and coaching to leaders. Our goal is to grow people that in turn grow their communities.

Good Samaritan Ministries

We believe in the power of relationships. Without them, the needs of the poor cannot be effectively met. But when individuals connect with people who care, they are transformed. It’s our passion to mobilize churches toward community ministry–working side by side with government organizations, businesses and non-profit agencies to meet each person’s unique needs.

Imagine NW

Imagine NW! is all about Personal & Community Transformation. For this to happen, we believe the people themselves as residents of their communities have got to: Dream,  Believe, Act!

Institutional Religious Freedom Alliance

The Institutional Religious Freedom Alliance safeguards the religious identity and faith-shaped standards and services of faith-based organizations, enabling them to make their distinctive and best contributions to the common good. IRFA works to advance public policies and public attitudes that respect the character and service of faith-based organizations. It supports and honors the spectrum of organizations that comprise the religious pluralism of our society.

Kingdom Causes

We as passionate about city transformation, empowering leaders, connecting people and cities, sharing resources and stories of God’s hope and transformation and of what God is doing in neighborhoods and cities everywhere. What is God is doing in your neighborhood and city?

LifeLine Community Development

We work in neighborhoods to empower community members, help them rediscover their unique makeup and celebrate together when they make their communities safer and healthier places again. We equip individuals, churches and groups in the basic principles and practices of ABCD. We practice it by actively being involved in various neighborhoods and communities.

Lighthouse INC

Lighthouse, Inc. was first launched in 1981 under the name Heaventrain. It is mobile outreach center that teaches character building, personal responsibilities, and family commitment to 1,300 youth and children each week. Lighthouse, Inc. provides primary items such as food and clothing allowing us to impact hundreds of families units within our community.
LINC New Orleans

LINC New Orleans is a network of missional leaders that are catalysts for justice and empowerment that build stronger New Orleans communities; block by block, one neighborhood at a time. The LINC network includes a wide variety of people that are passionate about creating communities with less crime, stronger families, higher educational expectations, and greater dignity for everyone.

Northeast Community Transformation

Northeast Community Transformation (NECT) is a regional organization focused on building capacity for community development and justice programs. We help churches and other organizations effectively bring about the “shalom” of Christ in their communities – a deeply-rooted peace and integrity that reflects the world as God intended, rather than pain and brokenness we all experience.

One Church

One Church is a nonprofit, ecumenical Christian ministry. One Church seeks to reach everyone living and working in a community with the message and love of the gospel of Jesus Christ. One Church invites people of all backgrounds, races and stages of life from area Christian churches and ministries to build relationships with one another and then, in partnership with one another, to together build relationships with their community for this purpose.

Polis Institute

Polis Institute, Inc. is a a 501c3 charitable organization founded in 2009 to improve well-being in the city. We believe that well-being will improve only when then talents of the poor are properly engaged. To that end, we work on two fronts: directly with the most distressed populations of the city and alongside the leadership of non-profit organizations dedicated to addressing poverty. The goal is to engage the talents of the poor in initiatives that strengthen the community.

RequipThe purpose of Requip NFP is to educate, encourage, and equip congregations and holistic organizations to transform their communities through ministries of mercy, development, and justice.  Requip will assist churches, citizens, associations, and institutions in working together to transform their communities by enhancing the quality of life to reflect the peace and justice of the Kingdom of God.

Second StoriesWe are a faith-based, nonprofit, community development corporation, focused on neighborhood transformation in Portland and beyond. Our work is coming along side churches and service agencies, creating connections, enabling mutual understanding and collaboration.

Springfield Promise NeighborhoodInspired by the success of the Harlem Children’s Zone in New York City, Springfield community residents are forming a collaborative, neighborhood-based effort to ensure academic success. The approach focuses on children and making a promise: We will do whatever it takes to help young people be educationally and socially successful – to finish high school and to be prepared either to get a good job or succeed in post-secondary education.
The Other WayOur ministry is focused on walking alongside families as they set goals and seek growth through services, programs and leadership development centered around three pivotal areas: Spiritual, Relational, and Economic.
 Think Tank, INCWe offer a large range of trainings and initiatives in an effort to (a) provide education to the community around issues of poverty and (b) work to find sustainable solutions to end it both locally and nationally. We also provide consulting and training to other local nonprofits and social service agencies of Clark County.

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