Communities First: Justice Q & A

John McKnight

John McKnight – Spring 2012

Q & A session at CFA member gathering 2012 with John McKnight. Illustrating unique ways communities identify strategies and organize collectively. What is the working definition of justice? Does it include a “faith perspective?” Is it a focus on issues and advocacy only or does it include a gifted community connected with relationships? McKnight discusses justice with CFA members: Dave Kool, Dan Hutt and Terri Larson.

- Half of justice is the opportunity to freely give your gift and the other half is the vehicle from which it is given (structures).

- Micah 6:8c “do justice” a call to action that includes loving kindness and walking      humbly with God.  Justice – a tool of God’s love that bends brokenness back towards shalom.

Communities First: Justice Q&A from CFA Videos on Vimeo.