40+ Ways to Build Community

How To Build CommunityTake a moment and read these suggestions on creative ways to build relationships and community in your home, work and neighborhood.

Photo contributed to Good Samaritan Ministries

About communitiesfirstassociation
Using Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) methods, CFA transforms a growing number of communities and engages Christians and Churches in their community.

3 Responses to 40+ Ways to Build Community

  1. margaretgriffioendrenth says:

    Where can one obtain a copy of this poster. It’s awesome!

    • communitiesfirstassociation says:

      We can not take credit for it Margaret, we agree…it is great! Credit goes to Good Samaritan Ministries facebook at this link – http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151151202765429&set=a.122064285428.137299.109898660428&type=1&theater

      Thank you for sharing.

  2. Scott L. McMannis says:

    Reblogged this on We Are Fine If You Are Fine and commented:
    What we have really lost is community. Here are some very practical ways to restore it and even better to build stronger communities.


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