Friday Food For Thought: What Do You Know About Your Neighbors?

On Thursday, CFA Member Judy Van Dyke led a “Community Conversations” group prompted by the recent Peter Block event in West Michigan.  Those gathered around the table shared stories, food, and thoughts on their desire to see their neighborhoods transformed.  Judy quoted one Community Connector, “Our neighborhoods are not under-resourced, they are under-relational.”  So, those gathered around the table began building relationships with each other by learning about each other’s gifts.

Headings of Head, Hands, and Heart prompted attendees to look at their own gifts.  There was a buzz in the room as connections were made…one person who knows about plants connected with someone whose new home needs landscaping.  Others found common interests in cooking and art.  Real conversations were sparked, and people’s gifts were affirmed.

This conversation caused me to ask myself, “What do I know about my neighbors?”  I may know how many kids they have, the car that they drive, or where they are from originally.  But do I know anything about their gifts?   How about you?

About communitiesfirstassociation
Using Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) methods, CFA transforms a growing number of communities and engages Christians and Churches in their community.

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