Quite a LifeLine in Winton

Monika Grasley – LifeLine CDC – CA

Ernie Solis was LifeLine’s first AmeriCorps member 4 years ago and continues to be a strong voice in the community. This is one of the projects that he and a team of community members have been working on. Organized by community members a collaborative law clinic is being piloted in Winton, California, thanks to the leadership of Ernie Solis. This article appeared in the Merced Sun-Star newspaper:

A free legal clinic is planned for Winton on July 9. The Free Winton Legal Clinic is a product of the collaboration between Winton LifeLine Community Center, Merced County Public Defender, Central California Legal Services and UC Merced Law Clinic. The purpose of the clinic is to make free legal services and information available to Winton residents.

Winton LifeLine Community Center has been part of the community for several years. LifeLine has become a force for improving the community by engaging in graffiti abatement, involving the local youth in this project and working on other projects.

I first met LifeLine representative Ernie Solis several months ago….

Read more: http://www.mercedsunstar.com/2011/07/02/1954561/vincent-andrade-quite-a-lifeline.html#ixzz1Rihuc5o5
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