Getting a short term focus. One S.M.A.R.T. goal.

Andy Batten – Lighthouse INC – OH

Many of the mapping parents are helping design and lead a summer leadership camp. The project will work to develop a team of young people to develop a plan and execute it as a team. Hope this will bring a DeVos project together in Cleveland. These are the notes of the visioning session #1:

Summer Collaboration – VISION:
Develop a youth development model that is multi- generational that involves youth, parents and providers in design, execution, and evaluation.

A successful summer youth program built on the power of “WE”.

There was a great deal that we learned at our first meeting. Now that we have a “Big Picture” dream and a focused short term goal we need to get specific.

Once we answer these questions about our goals we can have a clear plan in place that allows us to move from ideas, to plan, into execution.

We need to decide who wants to continue the conversation about how we move forward. Time is short, so we need to finalize this first project.

Specific goal. The specific goal is to execute a 5 week summer leadership program with the shared resources of our “network”.

Measurable: The program will meet from July 5th to August 5th and will focus on no more than 50 students and end with a back to school basketball camp. What are the goals that we want to measure????

Achievable Are we committed to make sure this is done as planned? Can we realistically make this happen with what resources and people we currently have in place?

Realistic Are our goals something that we can reasonably do? Do the things we work towards make a real difference? Will anyone notice if we decided not to proceed?

Time Bound What is the timeline for us to get started? How do we know when we are finished? How do we transition out and celebrate the success? What is the detailed schedule of activities for each day and hour?


1. Explore Possibilities  2. Understand Opportunities    3. Discover Resources

LOAVES and FISHES  (The resources that we already have.)

1. Curriculum
2. Staff,youth coordinators
3. Participate
4. Volunteers, teach history
5. Drill
6. Smile, helping hand
7. Recruiting – ABCD Mapping
8. Time to volunteer
9. Volunteer network
11. Resource network
12. Food SFSP
13. 15 Passenger van
14. Neighbor Circle
15. Space
16. DeVos Leadership Plan

THE GAPS (Things that we still need.)
1. Gas Money
Core to the strategy is a weekly field trip. There is a need for gas money to cover the transportation costs.
2. Lonnie Burton
Because there are so many kids and a wide variety of ages we need to include Lonnie Burton in the planning and execution as part of the partnerships.
3. Space at Cedar
With so many kids already in the networks care, we need to find a space that will allow Cedar’s young
people to participate in the activities. Time and space are key concerns.
4. Coordinated efforts.
With the many projects working together it is going to be key. The need for solid planning and consistent communication is critical. A working calender with details clearly spelled out is a must if we can move forward.
5. Celebrating together

Uncovering the dreams:

Successful summer program.
To find a way to come together this summer to deliver a vibrant program for the young people that are in our network, residents of Central, or CMHA.
Holistic youth Development
Develop a process that works to surround young people with people not programs in way that models a family environment and fosters growth.
Quality programs for all of CMHA’s youth.
To develop a program at Outhwaite that can be delivered at all CMHA family estates that work as part of a continuum of care.
We will be intentional to include parents, grandparents, and the communities wisdom as a key to creating sustainable and meaningful connections.
Focus on Children
With so many needs that can distract this group, we will focus our efforts on the Children and youth believing that an investment in our young people is an investment in our future.
Raise a new standard for Central kids
We are tiered of passing sub- standard projects, expectations, and results off as success. In order to prepare our young people for life, we need to challenge them to set goals and standards that will allow them to succeed. We have to be honest and face the cold hard facts if we want to see things improve.
That this is only a first step toward a big Dream.
No matter how successful the summer is or how much struggle we face we understand that this is only a first of many steps that we must take together that will lead to our dream for the preferred future.