Praise for the Good

The last couple weeks at After School Program have been really challenging. The boys have been so frustrating, and it grinds on my nerves that they think it’s ok to ignore what I say. “Stop hitting,” I’ll say, and certain kids will look me in the eye and do it 5 more times.

I felt like that had been taking over my time at the program, just preparing myself to be frustrated and not listened to, and expecting certain kids to not give me any respect, which just leads to a frustrated feeling as the kids start walking in the door. Not a good attitude.

But at the same time, as I think about it, there have been blessings during the past few weeks too. I’m getting closer to my 1st/2nd graders, almost all of them can say my name now, and Giovanni looks for me whenever he has a question, asking in his raspy voice what color sharks are, and telling me about the State names he’s been learning in class. “Come,” he says, waving me over with his hand.

Marisol and a couple of the other girls started bringing flowers for Vanessa, Lisa, and me over the past couple of weeks, holding them up to our faces as they walk in the door.

These are all things that I can be thankful for. Yeah, maybe some of the kids don’t like it when I ask them to stop running, but friendships and trust are being built with the girls, and hearing about a Solid House for girls in the works is so exciting. Soon these girls will be able to form some trust with each other.

It’s amazing how easily we complain about the bad instead of praise for the good.

Laurel Robertson

For more information on Solidarity visit their website:

Socorro Texas, Developing Christian Community

Socorro Texas: Developing Christian Community from CFA Videos on Vimeo.

People in Socorro Texas share how they have started to build a Christian Community.
Posted: May 5, 2008 DOWNLOAD QUICKTIME
Community Organizing

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